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Why synthetic turf cleaners in las vegas?

A great way to be kind to your neighbors!

Let’s face it, if you can smell pet odor from your synthetic turf, so can your neighbors. We all have to share this beautiful state of Las Vegas with our awesome weather! Even if you don’t have turf, our product works on any outdoor surface without staining or discoloring!

Synthetic Turf Cleaners serviced my neighbor's yard and I actually went out to meet Scott to thank him myself! This company is amazing. Thanks!

Safe For Pets, People, And Plants

Earth-friendly, biodegradable, no heavy metals or VOC's

Convenient No Contact Service

To keep up with your busy schedule, we can provide no contact synthetic turf cleaning service.

Las Vegas turf cleaning experts

Over 30 years experience cleaning synthetic turf in Las Vegas

Since 1981, our family has provided exceptional service removing pet odor on just about about any surface you can imagine on both indoor and outdoor areas.

Easy, Convenient Turf Cleaning For Your Las Vegas Synthetic Turf

We provide contactless service in Henderson, Summerlin, Enterprise, and the Las Vegas area.

Guaranteed To Remove Pet Odor

Click on the "services" button to learn more about our 21 day odor free guarantee!

How Do You Clean Synthetic Turf?

We've developed specialized tools to flush your turf and get down to the source of the odor!

Why Haven't Other Products Worked?

Check out our FAQ about turf cleaning processes and products.

Why Choose Us To Clean Your Turf?

World Class Service From A Local, Family Owned Business.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Synthetic Turf Cleaners has developed a unique formula that is effective and safe, even in the Las Vegas Sun! Our Eco friendly blend is available exclusively available from us. You can’t find it anywhere else!

30+ Years Of Pet Odor Removal

There is not an odor or a surface we haven't already encountered!

Fast, Affordable Service

We beat most competitors by 20% and can usually schedule within the week.

Powerful And Safe

Weatherproof, effective in extreme heat and safe enough for people, pets, and plants.