Synthetic Turf Cleaning And Pet Odor Removal Service Page

How To Disinfect And Deodorize
Your Turf!

Step 1: Blow Off Surface Of Your Turf

The first step to cleaning your turf is blowing off the surface so that you're ready for the turf broom. We use an electric backpack blower to reduce noise and eliminate pollution.

Step 2: Use A Turf Broom To Remove Dog Hair And Debris

The Turf Broom is designed to pull debris from between your turf blades. Most of the time, we pull a huge ball of dog hair out of your turf!

3. Blow Off All The Debris Kicked Up By The Turf Broom

Now that we've gotten any dog hair or debris that could slow down drainage out of the way, we need to blow off the turf one more time.

Step 4: Turf Roller/ Apply Solution

Now that we are 100% sure we've removed anything that could inhibit the flow of liquids from your turf, it's time to apply our disinfectant/deodorant solution. We don't use heat, pressure, or suction to clean your turf.

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Turf Cleaning Quote Calculator

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