Synthetic Turf Cleaners Service Page

How To Schedule A Service Visit With Synthetic Turf Cleaners:

Here is a step by step explanation of how your first synthetic turf cleaning visit works. Once you enter your information on our site, we send a text out to confirm that we got your info correct. Once we find an accurate measurement for your turf, we get your quote ready all via text.  After that we can pick a time for your appointment. We have text reminders so that you don’t forget your appointment. Once we arrive, we follow these steps to deodorize and sanitize your synthetic turf.

Step 1: Remove Surface Debris

We use an electric backpack blower to remove any debris that could be inhibiting drainage.

Step 2: Power Broom

We use an electric power broom to remove anyhting that could be stuck iin the blades of your turf

Step 3: Disinfect And Deodorize

We use our patented turf wand to apply a high volume of solution at low pressure, so it doesn't disturb your infill.

Step 4: Maintenance

Full service and self service plans available.