Everything You Wanted To Know About Synthetic Turf Cleaning

What Is Caliche Clay?

Caliche clay is a naturally forming concrete-like layer of soil that is prolific in Arizona.
Caliche clay is responsible for a lot of flash floods because it doesn't absorb liquid.
If you're experiencing pet odor and you can't seem to figure how to get rid of it, we can help.
No matter how well your turf and infill are installed, Caliche clay can bring drainage to a stop, causing urine and bacteria to build up under your infill. When we service your turf, we flush our solution through your infill and down to the soil underneath, where the odor is originating from.

What Are Bacterial Enzymatic Colonies? And Why We Don't Use Them

A lot of products on the market today contain "bacterial enzymatic colonies" Basically, this means you are applying a bacteria to your yard that needs to consume another bacteria to become an effective enzyme. During the transition from bacteria to enzyme, these products are super sensitive to UV light, heat, and are generally ineffective in an outdoor setting.

How Does Our Product Work?

Our product is a combination of a disinfectant and a deodorizer, called a polymer. The disinfectant side is a peroxide based formula that's safe and effective. The deodorizer is a fully formed enzyme that is weather proof and heat proof. When we apply our solution to your turf, we flush it through your infill to the soil underneath. This effectively eliminates the odor at its source.

How Does Infill Help?

Infill is an essential part of your turf. It's important to use an environmentally friendly material that drains easily. Stay away from any type of absorbent infill because it will slow down drainage and cause issues removing odor. We recommend Envirofill, it's a silica-like material that's environmetally friendly and comes from only one spot in Texas.

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