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How Do You Clean Synthetic Turf?

Guaranteed To Eliminate Pet Odor For 21 Days!

Based on a 2-4 dog household. High traffic areas like dog daycares, event centers, or pet training facilities may require more frequent treatment.


Years Experience

We have been helping people enjoy their turf without having to deal with pet odor for over 20 years.

How Does A Turf Cleaning Visit Work?

Let Your Yard Smell As Fresh As The Day It Was Installed!

Our Earth-Friendly, Pet Safe Solution Rejuvenates Your Turf

Step 1:

The first step to cleaning your turf is blowing off the surface so that you’re ready for the turf broom. We use an electric backpack blower to reduce noise and eliminate pollution.

Step 2:

We use an electric powered turf brush to “dethatch” your turf, removing things like dog hair, plant debris, and bird poop. This rejuvenates your turf by standing up your turf blades and allowing for better drainage.

Step 3:

Now that we’ve gotten any dog hair or debris that could slow down drainage out of the way, we need to blow off the turf one more time. Now we are ready to apply our solution with our specialized turf roller.

Step 4:

On our last step, we apply our solution about 12-16 inches under the surface of your turf. Our process is designed to disinfect and deodorize your turf without disturbing your infill or damaging your turf.

What Happens After My First Visit?

Are You A DIY Person Or A "Set It And Forget It" Person?

We have a variety of maintenance options to fit your specific needs as a pet owner. These options are based on a 2-4 dog household. For pet rescues, pet daycares, or gyms we have custom options.

High Quality Ingredients

This product is designed with pets in mind. Most pets lick their paws to clean them, so we used food grade ingredients to ensure that the worst thing they could experience is a bad taste from our solution.

Pricing Based On Square Foot

Our pricing starts at 65 cents per square foot. We provide discounts for larger areas based on volume. Our minimum is $350 or 500 square feet of service. We can treat rocks, pavers, and planters as well as turf.

Maintenance Plans/Discounts

Our friendly experts will help you choose a plan that works best for you. Our most popular plans are monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly. We have discounts on most major holidays to help prepare for guests and gatherings.

We Know You Want The Best For Your Yard

Our goal is to provide you with a pleasant and convenient experience from start to finish. Our customer service skills are just as important to us as our turf cleaning skills. Get your turf cleaned and deodorized by the most qualified and experienced turf cleaners in the nation.