synthetic turf cleaners, synthetic turf cleaning products, how to clean synthetic turf

Earth Friendly Synthetic Turf Cleaning And Deodorizing

Our process is safe for people, pets, plants, and pollinating insects.

Contactless service available.

Eliminate Pet Odor

Our Earth-Friendly solution will remove pet odor from your synthetic turf without interfering with any warranties you have from your manufacturer or installer.

Disinfect Your Turf

Our solution kills 99.9% of all germs and viruses it comes in contact with, including parvo and canine distemper. Our fully formed enzymes continue to deodorize your turf for up to 21 days after treatment.

Improve Drainage

We remove debris from the top of your turf and decompact your infill, which restores your turf's drainage to factory specs. This helps keep your turf clean and deodorized by allowing pet urine to drain down through your infill properly.

Safe, Eco-Friendly

Our Earth-Friendly, non-toxic products are 100% safe for pets, people, plants, and pollinating insects. We use electric tools to limit noise and eliminate pollution.

synthetic turf cleaners, synthetic turf cleaning products, how to clean synthetic turf


Happy Doggos


Happy Humans



Odor Solution Without The Pollution

We have a solution for every artificial lawn

You could have beautiful, fresh-smelling synthetic turf without harming the environment. Make your home smell amazing and your dog’s play area perfect!

Synthetic Turf Cleaning In Your Area

A great way to be kind to your neighbors!

Let’s face it, if you can smell pet odor from your synthetic turf, so can your neighbors. We all want to be outside when the weather is beautiful!

Here are some of our most asked questions:

What Do You Do?

We disninfect and deodorize synthetic turf. We remove debris to help your turf drain properly, allowing us to get our solution deep into your infill, where pet odor originates.

How Does
It Work?

Our solution contains a peroxide based disinfectant and an odor eating enzyme. This combination kills existing bacteria and provides long lasting odor relief.

Do You Add Infill?

Yes! Infill is what helps stand your turf blades up when they start to lay over with time. You always want to use an infill that is non-absorbent and eco friendly.

Does It Work In The Summer?

We use specially formed enzymes that work in the summer heat. This is the only weather proof turf cleaning formula on the market.

synthetic turf cleaners, synthetic turf cleaning products, how to clean synthetic turf

Safe For People, Pets, And Plants

How Can I Find A Product Strong Enough To Clean My Turf That's Still Safe For My Pets?

As dog owners, we had a little extra insight when it came to designing our formula. We made our product safe by using food grade ingredients that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our solution contains no VOC’s or heavy metals.

Our proprietary turf cleaning solution has two parts. One part is a peroxide-based disenfectant/antibacterial which contains no chlorine, bleach, or other harmful chemicals.

The other half is the deodorizer, which is made of a fully formed, weatherproof enzyme that is specifically designed to eat odor causing bacteria.

Convenient Synthetic Turf Cleaning

You don’t have to be present for your turf cleaning. We provide contactless service for your home or place of business. We text 30 minutes before we arrive so all you have to do is have a friend or neighbor put your dog inside.

Guaranteed To Remove Pet Urine Odor

Our service is guaranteed to remove odor for 21 days. We use a powerful enzyme that lasts even in extreme extreme weather like monsoons or desert summers. If it still smells after the first treatment, we will treat your yard again and help you make a custom plan.

30+ Years Of Pet Odor Removal

There is not an odor or a surface we haven’t already encountered! Our expert team is trained to identify the origin of your odor issue so that we can effectively eliminate your pet odor problems. YES, this solution will eliminate cat urine odor also.

How Do You Clean Synthetic Turf?

Caution! You can’t use suction, heat, or pressure without the risk of damaging your turf or voiding your warranty.

We use a low pressure, high volume system that effectively flushes your turf from the top or your turf blades all the way down to the soil underneath your infill.

Our entire process is designed not to interfere with your warranty or your infill! You can rest easy knowing you hired a knowledgeable professional to disinfect and deodorize your yard.

What Is Contactless Service?

You don’t need to be home for us to service your turf. The only thing we need is a way to secure your dogs inside while we work. We text 30 minutes before we arrive, so it gives someone a chance to put your dogs inside. No contact required! We even send our invoices via text. All you have to do is click on the link we send you, and you can pay with any major card, ApplePay, Google Pay, or whichever you prefer.

synthetic turf cleaners, synthetic turf cleaning products, how to clean synthetic turf
Katie Pon Local Dog Owner

"I used PET solutions and my turf has never been cleaner. Scott was timely and did a thorough job cleaning! Robert was awesome and flexible with my appointment time. I definitely will be using them again!"

Mark Corona Local Dog Owner

"1,000% recommend. I had a serious urine smell issue with my turf. Pet solutions came in and solved my issue. Within a few days, a bit of the smell returned. They kept their guarantee and returned asap to take care of it once again. It’s been more than a month and I have not smelled ANYTHING! I highly recommend these guys. On time and true to their word."

Lisa Blue Local Dog Owner

"THIS is the solution you've been looking for. We tried everything (PE - 51, Simple Green, Angry Orange, Dawn, white vinegar, baking soda...) to clean up the dog urine smell and we were considering tearing out our beautiful turf. PET solutions did a treatment and it's as good as new. We are beyond thrilled! We‘ve continued to treat monthly with their solution and even throughout the summer, so fresh and clean smelling. Oh and if their product wasn’t already amazing, their customer service is also exceptional. Thank you guys so much!"

Synthetic Turf Cleaning February 20, 2023
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