synthetic turf cleaners, synthetic turf cleaning products, how to clean synthetic turf

Synthetic Turf Cleaners In Arizona

Here we will talk about Synthetic Turf Cleaners services, products, process, and pricing. If you'd like to skip straight to getting a quote, click on the button below.

My Synthetic Turf Is Starting To Stink,
How Do I Get My First Turf Cleaning Visit?

Enter your info into the lead form at the bottom of this page.

Once you enter your info, our automated system will reach out to confirm that we have the correct address.

We use Google maps to calculate your turf’s area. Sometimes we will ask for a picture or share a screenshot if the image on Google Maps is inaccurate.

We can help you pick a time or you can go directly to our calendar page by clicking on this text.

It’s the little things that matter when it comes to pet services. Little things like texting when we arrive instead of knocking, to minimize unexpected barking. Some details are not so little, like using food grade ingredients so your dogs won’t get sick if they roll around on your synthetic turf after a service visit.

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Client Testimonials

"Pet solutions revitalized our backyard with getting rid of the urine smell. I’ve tried other products and nothing worked. Scott answered all of my questions and more. He was extremely professional and went the extra mile. I definitely recommend them to my family and friends."
Kreuzer Family
"I used PET solutions and my turf has never been cleaner. Scott was timely and did a thorough job cleaning! Robert was awesome and flexible with my appointment time. I definitely will be using them again!"
synthetic turf cleaners, synthetic turf cleaning products, how to clean synthetic turf
Pon Family
"We tried everything (PE - 51, Simple Green, Angry Orange, Dawn, white vinegar, baking soda...) to clean up the dog urine smell and we were considering tearing out our beautiful turf. PET solutions did a treatment and it's as good as new. We are beyond thrilled!"
Blue Family

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